Pricing for Montana Bindery services. The prices shown are estimates for basic book-boxes, basic book repairs, and other items. Pricing can vary significantly depending on options and conditions of items to be repaired. It's best to contact me using the e-mail link at the bottom of this page, photos of items to be repaired are recommended.
  BOOK BOXES - Custom boxes for standard size books with Lokta* paper covering.
Lokta is my preferred covering for book boxes; other coverings available, i.e. cloth, leather, etc.
  •        Slip-case: $85
  •        Clam-shell box: $190
  •        Inlaid images: $25 each
  •        Cardstock labels: Free with other services.
  •        Custom cut book binder board: Quote
*Lokta is hand-made paper from Nepal and is available in a wide variety of colors.
From Wikipedia: "Handmade lokta-based craft paper products continue to offer considerable economic sustainability for poor rural Nepalese women due to their high-quality niche market potential."
  BOOK REPAIRS AND RESTORATIONS - Pricing for some common repairs.
  •        Re-back using Lokta paper, rescue of existing labels (as possible): $50
  •        Reattach front or rear cover of leather binding: $80
  •        Full rebind (re-case) cloth binding: $110+
  •        Full rebind (re-case) full leather binding: $260+
  •        Full rebind (re-case) 1/2 leather binding: $260+
  •        Full rebind (re-case) 1/4 leather binding: $160+
  •        Foil on leather labels: $15 each
  •        Marbled end-papers: $50
  •        Re-sewing of tex-block: Quote
  •        Blind-stamping or tooling: Quote

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