Custom Two-piece boxes

two piece box
Samples of Completed Projects
Handcrafted, custom two-piece boxes built to house and protect your valuable books, manuscripts, magazines, maps, family records, photographs, fine art prints, etc. Cases are constructed of heavy duty, archival quality book-binder's board, then covered with paper, or cloth, in colors that will complement the items, including custom papers/fabric of your own design. I can also add extra internal divider trays, either fixed or removable. Price includes a pull-ribbon to aid in removing contents from the box.
The standard, default, coverings will be Lokta paper.
Lokta is hand-made paper from Nepal and is available in a wide variety of colors.
From Wikipedia: "Handmade lokta-based craft paper products continue to offer considerable economic sustainability for poor rural Nepalese women due to their high-quality niche market potential."
Prices for two-piece boxes start at just $200, plus shipping.
It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you send the book, or other items, to us for proper measurement.
To obtain a cost estimate, measurements accurate to 1/2-inch (15mm) are sufficient. Length, width, and depth measurements required.
For actual construction, measurements accurate to within 1/16-inch (1mm) are necessary.
For further details, just send an EMail message by using the link at the bottom of this page.
You may also supply your own covering material, if you wish. Write for details on what materials can be used.
Click on thumb-nail images to view detail. Detail photos are large files, may take some time to download.
Description: Three 2-piece boxes. One box used a rescued book-cover on the top section. Since 2-piece boxes enclose the book (or other item) on all four sides, a pull-ribbon is added to aid in removing the item(s) from the box.
A box for galley proofs of 'Trimalchio' (aka 'Trimalchio in West Egg'), better known as 'The Great Gatsby', by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
In 2000, University of South Carolina published a limited edition (500 numbered sets) of a facsimile of the unrevised galley proofs. The proofs measure 6x24 inches.
The sets were issued in storage boxes, but the boxes were not made of sturdy materials. The original box for this set was in very poor condition.
I made a new box using 91-point (.091 inches) ph-neutral book-binder board - external fabric is dark-blue faux suede, inside is natural linen - the original label has been applied to the new box. Since the proofs will fit snugly, in the box, a pull-ribbon was added to aid in removing the proofs.
Ruler to show scale
Two-piece box built to hold a stack of collectible magazines; shown with optional straps for added strength.

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