Custom Clam-shell Boxes

Samples of Completed Projects
Handcrafted, custom clam-shell boxes (also known as drop-spine, or Solander, boxes) built to house, protect, and display your valuable books, manuscripts, maps, family records, photographs, fine art prints, etc. May also be used for a portfolio. Cases are constructed of heavy duty, archival quality book-binder's board, then covered with paper, cloth, or leather, in colors that will complement the items, including custom papers/fabric of your own design. I can also add extra internal divider trays, either fixed or removable.
A clam-shell box provides the greatest protection as it completely encloses the contents, away from sunlight, dust, etc.
The standard, default, coverings will be Lokta paper.
Lokta is hand-made paper from Nepal and is available in a wide variety of colors.
From Wikipedia: "Handmade lokta-based craft paper products continue to offer considerable economic sustainability for poor rural Nepalese women due to their high-quality niche market potential."
Prices for clam-shell boxes start at $160.00, plus shipping.
It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you send the book to us for proper measurement.
To obtain a cost estimate, measurements accurate to 1/2-inch (15mm) are sufficient. Height, width, and 'spine' measurements required.
For actual construction, measurements accurate to within 1/16-inch (1mm) are necessary.
For further details, just send an EMail message by using the link at the bottom of this page.
You may also supply your own covering material, if you wish. Write for details on what materials can be used.
Details, and photos, of selected past projects shown below.
Click on thumb-nail images to view detail. Detail photos are large files, may take some time to download.
The Naked Lunch - Clam-shell Box
A clam-shell box for 'The Naked Lunch' by William Burroughs, Olympia Press Edition (1959).  
1/4 Purple Goat leather with orange foil, Cadmium Orange and Purple Lokta, dust-jacket reproductions inlaid.
The Hound of the Baskervilles - Clam-shell Box
Clam-shell box for First UK edition (1902) of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' by Conan Doyle
Interior covering of Black Lokta, exterior covering of Garnet Lokta, half leather (black calf), gold foil on black book-calf spine labels. Reproduction of cover art inlaid on front panel, gold foil and black on red paper.
Eradicating Smallpox In Ethiopia - Clam-shell Box
Clam-shell box for 'Eradicating Smallpox in Ethiopia: Peace Corps Volunteers’ Accounts of Their Adventures, Challenges and Achievements Editors: Gene L. Bartley (Ethiopia 1970-72, 1974-76), John Scott Porterfield (Ethiopia 1971-73), Alan Schnur (Ethiopia 1971-73), James W. Skelton, Jr. (Ethiopia 1970-72) Peace Corps Writers. ISBN-13: 978-1950444045 ISBN-10: 195044404X
Interior covering of Emerald Green Lokta, exterior covering of Black Lokta. Africa map with Ethiopia (1970's borders) highlighted in flag colors inlaid on front panel, reproduction of embroidered Coptic Cross that client purchased while on Peace Corps mission on rear panel, Spine sliced from original soft-cover book pasted in as 4th wall of small tray.
See Rebind softcover as hard cover.
A review of the book.
Philosophical Essays - Clam-shell Box
Clam-shell box for 'Philosophical Essays Concerning Human Understanding' by David Hume, London 1748.
Rounded spine, 1/4 dark brown soft calf, marbled paper, 100% wool felt lining, gold foil on black book-calf labels.
Clam-shell box for First Edition of 'The Great Gatsby', by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Two colors of Lokta paper, with reproductions of the dust-jacket - front box panel has recessed pocket for the DJ panel.
Clam-shell box for First Edition of 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn', by Mark Twain.
Two colors of Lokta paper, with reproduction of the cover - front box panel has recessed pocket for the image. Gold foil on black leather spine label.
Clam-shell box for two-volume Third Edition of 'Pride And Prejudice', by Jane Austen.
Half leather (dyed bookcalf) with marbled papers and foil label on black bookcalf, blind-tooled lines on leather. Interior is 'Raspberry' Lokta paper.
Clam-shell box for First Edition of 'The Old Man and The Sea', by Ernest Hemingway.
Two colors of Lokta paper, with reproductions of the dust-jacket - front and rear box panels have recessed pockets for the DJ panels.
Clam-shell box for First Edition of 'The Catcher in the Rye', by J.D. Salinger.
Interior is natural linen, exterior is burgundy art-paper with dyed book-calf on the spine, original dust-jacket scans provided by the client, custom foil label on dyed book-calf.
Small blemishes in the DJ images are present in the scans from the client. I asked for new scans, but the client was concerned about damaging the jacket and wasn't concerned about the blemishes.
Clam-shell box for 3 books about Christopher 'Kit' Carson.
Buckskin leather covering with labels and decorations on the spine. Kit Carson was a Brevet Brigadier General during the US Civil War.
'Shoulders' built to accommodate the two smaller books.
Clam-shell box for 'Hallucinogenic Plants' by Richard Evans Schultes, published by Golden Press, 1976. ISBN: 030764362X
(Apropos) marbled paper and black cloth, custom foil on leather label on spine.
Clam-shell box for a First Edition of 'Taps At Reveille' by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
External, and internal, fabric colors chosen to complement the colors of the dust-jacket. Facsimile dust-jacket images added on the spine and front panel. Client did not want title/author on the front panel, so that information was removed utilizing photo-editing software.
Main Street - Clamshell Box
1937 Limited Editions Club printing of 'Main Street' by Sinclair Lewis, illustrations by Grant Wood (of 'American Gothic' fame).
External covering of grey-cloth to complement the grey of the book-cover; internal covering of gold-cloth to complement the color of the duo-tone illustrations. Spine label added, on box, similar to that on the book.
Lewis and Clark Codices - Clamshell Box
A 3-volume set of 'Lewis and Clark Codices', with descriptive pamphlet, reprints produced by the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.
Maroon goat, marbled paper, and natural linen used for coverings. Spine label using the Art Gothic font found on the publisher labels on the booklets. One of the volumes is smaller than the other two, so I constructed an internal 'pocket' to hold the smaller item.
Prince Of Tides - Clamshell Box
A signed, limited edition, 'Prince of Tides' by Pat Conroy.
Interior trays are covered with a maroon 'crackle' fabric (think of very old, weathered, maroon paint) - exterior is a very dark blue fabric. Exterior front and spine panels have modified reproduction of the first edition dust-jacket - interior has reproduction of original dust-jacket concept art by Wendell Minor. A different WM image was selected for the original dust-jacket.
The front panel also includes a raised-relief/cut-out suggestive of the dust-jacket art.
Gravity's Rainbow - Clamshell Box
First Edition of 'Gravity's Rainbow' by Thomas Pynchon, Viking Press, New York, 1973 ISBN: 0670348325.
Three clam-shell treatments; second box has raised relief to complement the blind-stamp on the book cover.
To Be Or Not To Be - Clamshell Box
'To Be or Not to Be'; the pictorial biography of Amitabh Bachchan, by Khalid Mohamed, ISBN: 8190151703.
Framed photo on front panel, internal photos, quotation engraved on brass plate (above photos).
The book is approx. 11 x 14 inches, and weighs almost 7 pounds. Weight of book and clam-shell box, together, is a little over 9 pounds.
Greendale - Clamshell Box
'Greendale' by Neil Young, illustrated by James Mazzeo, Sanctuary, London, 2004, ISBN: 1860746497.
Covering fabric chosen to complement the green cloth on the book covers.

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