Custom Slip-cases, Clam-shells, and Two-piece boxes.

slipcase clamshell two piece box
Three types of boxes
Handcrafted, custom slip cases, clam-shell boxes (also known as drop-spine, or Solander, boxes), and two-piece boxes, built to house and protect your valuable books, manuscripts, maps, family records, photographs, fine art prints, etc.
Cases are constructed of heavy duty, archival quality book-binder's board, then covered with paper, or cloth, in colors that will complement the items. Paper can range from plain art paper to elaborate marbled paper. We can use a wide variety of fabrics for the covering, including custom papers/fabric of your own design, and even some leathers.
A 'thumb-hole' can be built into the slip-case to aid in removing the book from the case.
Prices for slip-cases start at just $85, clam-shell boxes start at $180, and two-piece lipped boxes start at $200, plus shipping.
It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you send the book to us for proper measurement.
To obtain a cost estimate, measurements accurate to 1/2-inch (15mm) are sufficient. Height, width, and 'spine' measurements required.
For actual construction, measurements accurate to within 1/16-inch (1mm) are necessary.
If your book is oblong (wider than it is tall), be sure to mention that in your initial correspondence. It doesn't have any effect on price, but does affect construction details.
For further details, just send an EMail message by using the link at the bottom of this page.
You may also supply your own covering material, if you wish. Write for details on what materials can be used.
Unsolicited comments, used with permission:
"I just wanted to let you know that the book box (and book) arrived safely and that I was literally speechless at the beauty of the box you created. Thank you! It's beautiful and holds the book perfectly."
Andrew G.
Odenton, MD
"The slip-cases arrived this morning. I am delighted with them! They are beautifully made, the color is just right - a deeper shade of the booklets themselves, and fit is superb. Many, many thanks for your careful workmanship. My children and grandchildren will cherish these."
Sandwich, MA
"I think it came out looking great; especially with the time & material constraints laid on. I appreciate all your help and it was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for also packing the clam[shell] in such a secure manner."
Jason S.
Ontario, CA
"Slip-case arrived today. I'm very pleased. It is beautiful; a work of art and worth every penny."
Rod Z.
Orinda, CA
"The slip case arrived's beautiful!! . . . [it] has made Painting Indiana a very special gift...thanks so much!"
Lynn R.
Indianapolis, IN
"The slipcase was truly beautiful and my friend was so pleased with it as part of his birthday present."
Rebekah B.
Norwood, MA
"I just received from G'Jim the first clam-shell box he has done for me, and thought I should comment on what a good job it turned out to be. The box now houses a rare 2-volume set of Lewis and Clark material. Jim had to deal with a special problem with this set: the 2 volumes were issued 4 years apart and the printer/binder failed to match the sizes. Vol. 2 is taller and wider than Vol 1. So Jim had to do some clever engineering with spacers to make a box that would hold both volumes snugly. It turned out great! Now the fragile books are protected and the box has an impressive appearance on the shelf."
'Pat' P.
College Station, TX
"The book case arrived yesterday. It's just stunning. I don't know what else I can say. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and progress of the project as much as I'm enjoying the final product."
Sean S.
Charleston, SC
I asked GJim to undertake a difficult project for me. He did an outstanding job. I asked him to take a perfect-bound [soft-cover] book, rebind it as a hardcover, and then make custom clamshell cases for it. [ Photos ] The book came out stunningly well and will last for years. Thank you, John "in the borderlands of Michigan and Ohio"
John P.

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