Custom Cut Book Binder Board

Custom Cut Book Binder Board
I use a prime bookbinder board that is made in the US. This a very high quality board, much better than the common 'grey' binder board.
If you are binding books, or building custom book-boxes, and want a high quality board, this is the board to use. The sheets supplied, as they come to me, are approximately 30 x 41 inches. If you don't want to order/cut those big sheets, I can help. I'll cut to any size that you want, any quantity that you want. Price is 4 cents (USD) per square inch for the 88pt (2.3mm) board, 6 cents (USD) per square inch for the 120pt (3.0mm) board, plus 10 cents per piece. I can cut in 1/8-inch increments, price will be calculated on the next higher full inch measurement (7-1/4 x 11-1/2 would be charged the same price as 8 x 12 = $3.84 + .10 = $3.94). No cuts less than 1-inch (25mm), if you need narrower pieces, I will cut to 1-inch and you can trim to the dimension needed. Shipping charges additional.
I can provide this service as I have a 50-inch board shear.
When ordering, specify grain direction (long or short dimension of your order). Grain will be marked with light pencil markings on your boards.
For further details, just send an EMail message by using the link at the bottom of this page.
Click on thumb-nail images to view detail. Detail photos are large files, may take some time to download.
50-inch Board Shear. Used for cutting book-binder board and thin anodized aluminum.  
A client order for 250 pieces of custom-cut book-binder board.  

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